Treehouse Adventure | 2 Year Anniversary

For mine and Harry’s 2nd anniversary I knew I wanted to do something special. Something neither of us had ever done before. So when a video popped up from popular youtuber Zoe Sugg of her own luxury treehouse experience, the inspiration started flowing. Together we sat and looked and finally decided on 3 nights in Cropton Forest. So with a few taps and clicks our adventure was booked. And off we went with a three hour car journey – or five as it turned out, thank you British weather – however seeing Harry’s face as we approached the lodge made every minute worth it. With a quaint little cottage making up the reception, the mass of woodland and wildlife surrounding you, it made for nothing more than pure bliss. Although they definitely didn’t take the word luxury lightly, this was not like any treehouse you played in as a child. This was a huge free-standing cabin made of gorgeous oak wood, with floor to ceiling windows letting every ounce of sunlight in that they possibly could. Fully equipped with hot tub and everything, we were set for an amazing weekend.


The place itself was just incredible. It had activities on site such as forest walks, massages, archery, it even had room service that was just a click away through the tv. With this service you could order breakfast packages, snacks, pizza packages, curry packages, literally anything you could think of it would all be delivered straight to your treehouse. I would also like to note at this point that everything worked. It wasn’t a case of oh we have ‘great wifi’ on site, or yes we have tv but then you get there and it is only 2 channels that just show the antique roadshow. We had NONE of those issues, everything was exactly as it should have been. Also there were SO MANY dogs, which if anyone knows me, knows that is literally one of the greatest things that could ever happen. Something else that was very important to me (yes dogs was one them) was that we always had the ability to do something no matter what the weather. Like I previously mentioned, the British weather is notorious for peeing it down and this weekend was no different. But I honestly think you could go in complete snow or burning sunshine and your experience would be no better or worse. There really was something you could always do no matter what.

Whilst there we decided to take a 30 minute drive from our cabin to visit the beautiful Castle Howard. With all the gorgeous scenery autumn brings with it, we chose to take a walk through the gardens rather than through the manor house. And although it being rather windy, it was worth every blowy second. All the gorgeous amber leaves being lit up by the glowing fairy lights from the path of Christmas trees, created the most incredible picturesque views. And with so many secret little gems hidden throughout the garden such as the temple of the four winds, a beautiful reservoir and even a time capsule. It felt magical.

I would definitely recommend Forest Holidays for any occasion or just a much needed getaway. It is a bit more on the pricey side for a weekend away but it was worth every penny. They just got everything PERFECT. They were so lovely and so accommodating and I will definitely be going back again. They made a very special weekend feel that extra bit special, even leaving us with a lovely card wishing us a happy anniversary. I would have loved to stay a little longer so maybe a week away is what our next adventure calls for!

For more pictures from our treehouse holiday, click here or go through to my portfolio at the top of the page.