Christmas Markets | Liverpool

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. Everything just feels so magical when there is fairy lights surrounding you and Michael Bublé is blasting out of every speaker you find. Add those to wooden stalls selling everything festive and you will find yourself at a christmas market. 

If you live in the UK then you will know you can pretty much drive to any city centre and there will be a christmas market. However this year I decided to keep it local.

So whilst doing our christmas shopping Harry and I decided to stop by Liverpool christmas markets. And OH WOW, if you are not yet feeling festive this will certainly do it. Imagine all your favourite things about christmas in the one place and this is what you get.

For me christmas is all about the build up and getting in the festive spirit and I can tell you, wooden cabins covered in fairy lights with hot chocolate on tap does the job. It was amazing.

I would highly recommend not just this market but any one you can go to. They just make you feel so festive and warm inside, even if you aren't planning on buying anything just the experience is worth it!

That's all from me, I hope you enjoyed this little post and it made you completely inspired to go on your own market adventure. Make sure to come back every wednesday at 5pm for a new post. See you then!

If you want to see more pictures click here or click portfolio at the top of page!

p.s whilst on our little shopping expedition we also stopped off at Byrons Burgers which as a little side note I would definitely recommend, they were some of the NICEST burgers I have ever tasted, and it wouldn't feel right not mentioning them.

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