Valentine's Day Gift Guide | 2016

Ah Valentine's Day, the one day of the year where it is totally acceptable to be as mushy and loved up as you want whilst a half naked baby flies around shooting people in the bum with love arrows. So if you too struggle to buy gifts for this wondrous day, then you have came to the right place. But on a serious note, I do love valentine's day. I love the sentiment behind it all and everyone likes being all loved up every once in awhile, so why not pick the day that's made for it. Now, I am sure we have all read valentine's day gift guides before, and probably all came out rather uninspired. And I think thats because everyones valentine's day is going to be very different! It's rare that a couple who have been together a few months, would buy the same gifts as a couple who have been married for the past 10 years. So I think I have managed to find something for everyone. Anyway! to stop me from rambling, here is my valentine's day gift guide!


Cheerz is a website and app which prints high quality pictures. They have so many different styles to choose from, you can do movie strips, polaroids, photobooks, and it is so simple to use! And all their products come in lovely little boxes or packaging so you don't even have to wrap it if you don't want to! I love this idea, it's so simple but so nice.

Personalised Jewellery

Now I know people either completely avoid jewellery at all costs or its their go to. But the necklace I have chosen is perfect for either. It's a style known as 'Russian Rings' and each ring can be personalised with whatever you want. So even if you are scared of them not liking it because they don't really wear jewellery or any other reason. It's still a very sentimental gift! And it could be kept in a memory box, or on display in a room. But seriously, who wouldn't like this?  


LoveBook is this lovely little website I came across a while ago now, and it basically turns your relationship into its own love story written down on paper. I think this is such a sweet idea, and could easily be a present to both male and female. The thing I love most about this is that you can choose to literally do it all yourself i.e have a blank page and just write and write and write. Or you can choose to get some help and they have hundreds of templates for anyone that may need a little help with their book. 

Message In A Bottle

I think this is adorable. The idea of having tiny little bottles with hanging messages in makes my heart melt. I guess the title is pretty self explanatory on this one! But the message in the bottle is fully personalised or you can pick one of the ones they already have, and like I said (and have also said for everyone so far) I just love this. And I want to give a big high five to the person who makes these as they are a genius.

Beer Bouquet

Now I can't quite relate to this one as much. But let's face it. Men are incredibly hard to buy for. I like to think that most of the gifts in this post could apply to both men and woman but if you have a guy that's maybe a little less sentimental, then a present like this would be perfect! Or of course if he just really likes beer then this is also great! 

Reasons I love You

I absolutely love this gift! If I had to pick any from the list it would be this one. I don't know if it's the copper packaging or the tiny little bottles (clearly my new obsession) but i just love every little bit about it! And of course it's completely personalised! I just love this. Thats all I can say!

52 Things I Love About You

I am sure this is something almost everyone on the internet has seen before. It's a very similar idea to the one above but if you want to be a little bit more crafty and add some diy to your present, then this is the one. The idea behind it is very simple, you need a pack of cards and 52 reasons you love someone! It's a lovely gift that anyone would love to receive.


Prints are a good present for someone who has everything. They are just so simple and cute that you can't go wrong with them! I mean have you ever heard someone say "you got me a really cute and lovely picture for my room? why would I ever want that" Yep, I didn't think so. And if you have, then you need to remove them from your life as you don't need that type of negativity around you. But on a serious note I would definitely buy this for myself, let alone someone else! 

Joolis Cards

And of course not everyone does presents on valentine's day. So if you are a card only type of couple I have the perfect little shop for you! I came across this shop one day when I was just browsing through etsy, and I fell in love (are you sick of me saying the word love yet?). It has the perfect mix of silly and cute cards and all of the designs are hand drawn which is just incredible! And makes me really jealous that I can't draw cute little designs to put on cards! And if all that doesn't persuade you to go look, then they also have really cool deals on at the moment, so you should definitely go check it out!

And that is my valentine's day gift guide for you! I really hope this helped you out or at least inspired you with some ideas of your own! That is all from me today, keep a look out for some more valentine's themed posts popping up over the next week or so. And I will see you all very soon with a new post. Bye! 

p.s. all links are in pink!