How To Get The Best Out Of 2016 | Tips And Tricks

Just be happy

As I am sure you all know by now I am a strong advocate of do what makes you happy. However, I also know that is easier said than done, and it was only last year that I really put those words into action. So with that in mind I wanted to give some very do-able tips on how to get the best out of 2016.

Be organised.

And I mean this lightly. Don't try to suddenly plan every single part of your life especially if you currently do the exact opposite! Just pick something in your life whether it be something as big as school, or a job or something as small as making your bed when you get up in the morning. Apply some sense of organisation to your day and after a while it will hopefully just become natural to do that. 

Lists, lists, lists.

I am a list maker. I can not go through a day without making a list so I could be a little biased to this one. I just think if you can take the time to sit and just write everything out that you need to do you will just feel less stressed, or more organised, or like you actually know what you have to do.

Don't binge.

Now don't get me wrong everyones loves a good binge every now and then. Whether that be a food binge or sitting on the couch and watching an entire netflix series all at once. But if you are doing this because you are bored or because you are putting off things then don't. I know this can be hard we have all been guilty of boredom hunger but if you can help it try not to. If you do something more productive instead or even just get up and walk around the house and sit back down it should help. However, if you have nothing planned and are going to have a netflix day I highly recommend 'Making A Murderer'. You will feel emotions you didn't even know existed.

Be Happy.

Like I said I know it can be easier said than done but if you can at least have it somewhere stored at the back of your mind you will feel better. If you're not enjoying something, stop it. If you really want something, get it. And it can be so tempting to think about what others will say, or think, or how they will react but it's not up to them what you do. And there is nothing more satisfying than not only doing something that makes you happy but being able to shove that happiness into everyones faces who said you wouldn't or couldn't.

And they are some of my tips on how to get the best out of 2016. I hope I have inspired you to at least give one of these ago! Comment below your new years resolution and if you have actually stuck to it, I would love to know! And I will see you all very soon!