Top Tips For Starting Blogging | AbigailKate

Blogging has become massive. Only 3 years ago blogging was seen as nothing more than a hobby for those who wanted to get their voice out there. Now it is a million pound industry that is taking over the internet. But more than that, it is an amazing way for people to talk about what they love. So if you want to become a blogger, then here are my top tips for getting started.


The site you choose to host your blog is important. Don't just use the first one you come across. Your blog should be how you want it to be, with no limitations or guidelines you have to follow. And if I am being honest, usually if a site is free to use there is a reason for that. I am not saying all free sites are bad but in my experience they have really limited templates and you can only edit things like the title and background colour. I use the site 'Squarespace' and I would 100% recommend it! It is £10 a month and just amazing. Its super simple to use and gives you full editing ability. They also offer 24/7 live chat, so if you are ever stuck on how to use something or want some advice then they are there at the ready.


This is what people type in to get your blog up. My only advice on this is to keep it simple, after all this is what people will have to remember when searching for your blog. And it doesn't necessarily have to be the same as your blog name. 

Networking and social media

Networking is so so so important, I can't stress it enough! Every post should be shared on every social media platform and I mean every platform. Facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr, bloglovin, google+ and god knows how many others. You should also talk to other bloggers, no matter how big or small they are. You will be surprised by how many people want to help you.


Always make sure you are writing for yourself. It's no secret that there is money in blogging, but if that is your only reason for starting a blog then you are already writing from the wrong place. And probably the biggest advice I could give you is don't put out any content or post that YOU aren't happy with. 

I am a beginner myself at this and I to am still learning things. So I hope this has helped any of you aspiring bloggers out there. And I will see you all very soon with a new post!

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