Makeup Staples | Nudes

When it comes to makeup, nudes are my specialty. I am not really one to pull off a strong cat eye and a bold red lip (although I wish I could so bad) but give me a good nude palette and I will whip up a masterpiece - or try at least. So I have decided to share with you everything you'll need to build up that perfect nude collection.


Foundation | Concealer | Powder | Highlighter | Powder Brush | Foundation Brush

The base of your makeup is so important. You could do the world's most incredible eye makeup but if you have streaky or caked up foundation it's just never gonna look that good. For foundation I have chosen 'Nars Sheer Glow' but do not be fooled by the name as this is a good medium coverage foundation. It goes on so smoothly, gives a nice subtle glow, and is also one of the only foundations I have ever found that is pale enough for me! When it come to highlighters I have never found one that I didn't like! But my favourite at the moment is 'Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator' in the shade 'Starlight' as it is so beautiful words can't even describe it. The pigment in this highlighter is next level and the colour is perfect for anyone. To apply these products I use the 'Real Technique Bold Metal' brushes.


Primer | Pro Palette Shade 1 | Shade 2 | Shade 3 | Shade 4 | Cream Shadow | Pigment Powder Shadow | Nail Polish

Eye makeup is my thing. If I am going to go all out on anything it will be the eyes, so trying to narrow this choice down was not easy! But before your start anything eye primer is your go to and I highly, highly, highly recommend the 'Urban Decay Primer Potion' as it is amazing. It comes in three shades, is really smooth on the eyes and just all round perfect. 

I picked these gorgeous shadows as you could wear one or two of these and go for a really natural look, or you could mix and match three or four and go all out! And then as a final little touch: nail polish - because that's eye related right?? This colour is perfect for tying together any look and I couldn't not include it.


 Lip Balm (no longer available) | Lip Gloss | Lip Pencil | Lipstick 1 | Lipstick 2 

I am SUPER picky when it comes to lips, if a lipstick manages to make it into my makeup bag then it must be pretty special. But I am in love with these mac lipsticks and pencil! They are very similar in shade but one is matte and one is not and sometimes you just need a good balance of texture in your life - at least that's what I tell myself. Add this gorgeous gloss over the top and it is the perfect combination!

Let me know what your go to makeup is below and I will see you all very soon with a new post!