Oreo Hot Chocolate | Recipes

What You Will Need

  • 1 x pack of oreos

  • 1 x bar of dark chocolate

  • Milk (however much you need for the amount you're making)

  • Whipping Cream

Start by pouring milk into a pan and place onto the hob at a medium temperature. Place the pack of oreos in a clear resealable bag and crush them until they are small pieces or powder. Take 3/4 of the bag and add it to the milk, then reseal the bag and keep the rest until later. Make sure to keep staring the milk throughout and do not let it boil.

Whilst the milk is on the hob, start whipping your cream. I decided to use a powdered cream called 'tip top' as it is DELICIOUS, but of course you can use any whipping cream that you like.

By the time you have whipped the cream the milk should be just at the right temperature. So take that off the hob and leave in the pan just to one side. Now its time to melt the dark chocolate and I HATE dark chocolate, like I am sure most people do. However I promise you that this does not make the drink taste bad, or overpowers it. It simply gives that chocolatey kick to it. For the dark chocolate you need about half a bar (10 squares) and melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time. 

Once that is fully melted, grab your favourite mug and pour the chocolate into the bottom of it. Then add the oreo and milk mix into the mug and give it a good stare to mix it all together. Finally add your cream on top and sprinkle your remaining oreos all over. And then you are done! And have a delicious hot chocolate to tuck into as well!