Staying Organised | How To

It is one thing in life to get organised, but it is a totally different thing to stay that way. So here are my little tips on how to at least make it look like you have your life together!

Try Keep It Up

Sounds simple I know, and you are probably wondering gosh why didn't I think of that? (all complete sarcasm I promise). If you are naturally messy, like myself, then just trying to keep it up will be one of the stupidest things you can hear. So when I say this I don't mean every time you remove something or disrupt the organisation you should put it all back perfectly. As it will last until you are in a rush one day and just throw everything back in a mess and then boom. you are messy all over again. What I actually mean is once a month - or once a week if you have time - just take a half hour or hour out of your day to get it all organised again. If you get into this routine then you should be on your way to at least seeming like you are organised.

Don't Stress

Since you are reading this I am assuming that you are probably not a naturally tidy person. So suddenly trying to become one is a drastic life change. Okay, maybe not drastic but its not easy. So if you are spending every bit of each day worrying about how you didn't put your pencil back into the right pot then you are not doing yourself any good. Just when you see something out of place put it back, nice and easy.


Much like the reason not to stress, if you try to do everything at once you are just going to feel bogged down and unmotivated. So whether you write it down, or just keep a mental note, you should try put an order to things. What matters most? What can wait until later? And then you will feel a lot better about everything!

What do you do to stay organised? Let me know in the comments.