How To Keep Your Animals Safe On Bonfire Night | Abigail Kate

A bit of a different post from me today, but it is personally probably one of the most important posts I have ever written. And lets face it, its no secret I am utterly animal mad so if you think of it like that then this post isn't too out of the ordinary! So here are some very important tips on how to keep all of your animals safe on bonfire night and the days surrounding it.

Tips to keep them calm and feeling safe:

  • Make sure they have a safe place in the house, this could be anything from a room they particularly spend a lot of time in, to a little hiding place you always find them in. And of course make sure it is fully accessible at all times.

  • Walk dogs during daylight hours, MOST people wouldn't even think about setting off fireworks in the daytime because, well, it would be pretty useless. However, people in the past have done it and someone will probably always do it, so as much as this should help reduce the likely hood of anything happening, please still be cautious and try avoid anywhere in your local area that you know quite often has fireworks set off etc.

  • Of a night keep the curtains closed and if you are at home put the tv on to help muffle noises. If you are going out then leaving a battery powered radio on is also a good option.

  • You can also go to your local pet shop and buy pheromone diffusers. These are plug-ins which release calming chemicals and are one of the most popular methods of helping animals at this time of year.

Don't Forget The Little Ones:

If your pet lives outside try and partly cover cages and pens with blankets so that one area has at least a little sound proofing. Make sure to provide extra bedding so your little one has something to burrow into and hide in. And these could also be applied to any indoor animals that are also in pens/cages.

And just remember fireworks can be very scary to animals and it is important to make sure they feel safe during this time as in some cases it can be a lot more severe than just anxiety. There has been multiple cases involving heart attacks which have resulted in death which is horrific I know, but its why we really need to take care of our fur babies when fireworks are involved. I hope you all have a wonderful bonfire night and I will see you soon!