The Anti-Bucket List | Abigail Kate

Following on from a lovely little thing that I did last year, here is 2016's anti-bucket list! For those of you who do not know what this is, this is where instead of writing about all the things I WANT to achieve in the upcoming year, I am actually writing about all the things I HAVE achieved this year. So without further ado, enjoy!

  • started a new job that I LOVE

  • still working towards driving - I WILL DO IT

  • I reached my one year blogging anniversary!

  • I added two new little additions to my ever growing animal kingdom

  • I found my style in both blogging and life - woohoo!

  • I have been unapologetically myself

  • I have learnt how to appreciate even the tiniest of things

  • Started my venture into youtube

  • Went on many big and small adventures - all as incredible as eachother

  • I reached ALL my social media targets for the year - sounds lame, I know

  • Loved every little bit of it because, yes, 2016 has managed to label itself as a pretty poopy year. But if you can't look back and at least enjoy something, then you need to try a little harder.

Things for next years list:

  • Learn how to start a sentence without using 'I'

See you soon!