How To Snazz Up Your Basics | Abigail Kate

If you had said to me a year ago that I would be writing a blog post all about accessories I would have told you two things; one would be 'I don't even have a blog, what are you on about?' And two would be 'Who? Me? you have to be joking'. Accessories were my worst enemy, I took zero interest in any sort and if someone even hinted that my outfit would look better with 'a few added touches' I would of gave you a worse look than when Mary Berry found out Paul was staying on Bake Off.

And now here I am dedicating a whole post to them because I have found the shining beacon that is accessories and I just bloody love them. So here it is, my two favourite ways to snazz up your basics:


Chokers are my new fashion fave, especially going into the winter months! They are a super easy and affordable way to jazz up that comfy oversized jumper and leggings look that we all wish we could constantly wear!

Choker: Rock N Rose Top: Missguided

Choker: Missguided Top: Asos

Choker: Asos Top: Topshop


Now bear with me on this one, I promise you I am not going to try and convince you to flash your panties anytime soon. However, I am going to ask you to flash your bra - or more specifically your bralettes. I am LOVING this bralette trend at the mo, I think it is such a good way to give some outfits a bit of edge, and some of those more edgy outfits a bit of coverage if that somehow makes sense? Oh and I also decided to whack in some fishnet socks just for good measure!

Bralette: Victoria Secret Top: Missguided

Bralette: Calvin Klein

Bralette: Calvin Klein

Socks: Asos Shoes: Adidas Jeans: Misguided

So there you have it, my two favourite ways to snazz up your basics! Make sure to follow me on all my social medias to stay up to date on all the latest blog happenings, and let me know what your favourite ways to add those extra touches to an outfit are. See you soon!