Me Time | Abigail Kate

Between working full time, juggling the load of earning two qualifications, having a blog/youtube channel, and basically owning a miniature zoo in your house, it is very rare that I get some me time. And you know what, actually thinking about it I don't really mind not having to much me time! I am one of those humans that can never seem to shut their brain off. I start getting stressed if I spend my day off just doing nothing essentially, BUT I do of course like a break from time to time to just sit and breathe for a moment. So today I have decided to share with you my favourite ways to wind down and just have a little me time - when I actually get the chance that is!


I LOVE reading, I could honestly finish a book in a day if I had the chance but with my schedule it takes about a year! There is nothing better than getting in to bed and just reading a chapter or two before you fall asleep and top tip, this also makes your eyes super tired which means hello nice easy sleep! My favourite books to read - no surprise to anyone here who knows me - is thrillers and forensics, I love a good serial killer case to help me doze off haha!

A Nice Hot Bath

Nothing can tempt me in to abandoning my responsibilities like a nice hot bath and a good bath bomb. I have the ability to literally spend two hours in the bath if I get the chance, its also were I tend to come up with my best ideas.


Drawing is possibly my all time favourite hobby, I love just putting pen to paper and seeing what I can come up with. However, due to me being me, drawing can either be a lovely relaxing time or can make me incredibly stressed out all because I can't get that one bloody line straight!

Doing Nothing

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing nicer then just sitting there with all my fur babies and doing nothing. Not scrolling through social media, not watching or reading anything, just sitting.

It really is important to take time as often as you can to just breathe for a moment, so let me know how you like to relax, and how busy your crazy lives are!