Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas | Abigail Kate

So you have been crazy busy in work all week and completely forgot that mothers day is ~ only ~ 2 days away, or you are just absolutely awful at thinking of ideas so have completely put it off and now you are in a mad panic - also read as: me. But not to worry we are all in the same time limited boat here so I thought we might as well try and help each other out! So without further a do here are my last minute mothers day ideas:

Afternoon Tea

I know exactly what you are thinking - oh don't be silly everywhere will be booked already! Very true. SO, do it yourself! Get your fanciest table cloth out, or at least give your kitchen side a good little wipe down, pop down to the local supermarket and buy all the sandwiches and mini cakes your hands can hold - or get a trolley - and then boom, your afternoon tea is ready. All you need to do now is pop the kettle on and have a lovely chin wag with your mum.

The Not So Distant Future Gift

If you haven't already realised, you have pretty much ran out of time to order anything that will actually arrive before the big day. So my solution to that is - drumroll - don't. Get her a gift that doesn't have to be there ready to open on the day! This could be anything from a spa day, a weekend break, concert tickets, the world is your oyster.

The Sentimental Gift

Keep it simple and heartfelt with a photo album or a CD with all her favourite songs on. These are the gifts that are nice and easy to make and will really pull at the heart strings!

Keeping It Traditional

Simplicity is always best, and there is nothing wrong with keeping it traditional and getting a beautiful bunch of flowers and her favourite chocolates to say thank you. And if you are lucky enough to still live under the same roof as your mum, then chuck some bacon and eggs on in the morning and make her breakfast in bed just to top it off.

So there you go, my super easy and super simple last minute mothers day ideas! And if that fails all I ask is for you to at least get the woman a bloody card, after all she did carry you ~ inside her ~ for nine months, and lets not talk about the trauma of how she got you out!