A Year Of Blogging | Abigail Kate

I cannot even begin to explain the emotions I feel about the fact that today is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging. Like what the actual hell. I don't even know how this happened or where this year has gone but I am bloody happy about it. So to commemorate it I have put together a little collage of EVERY blog post I have written over the past year and my oh my, hasn't the picture quality improved! Haha!

Aww how lovely is that? A year of memories all bundled up into one little square! But on a serious note I just want to thank everyone who is reading this so so much for, well, reading this really! I absolutely adore blogging and I love that I have a little place to call my own to put down all my little faves, and ramblings about everything and anything. And even more than that I love that I get to share all of that with you guys! So once again thank you for being all that you lovely people are, and here is to many more wonderful years of blogging. See you soon!