Does Primark Makeup Really Work | Testing It Out

Before I get into this I want to say one thing. As a qualified makeup artist I believe that your skill does not lie with the products you're using but on just that, your skill. So my aim today is not to see if I can get a nice outcome but to see if the products are of good quality, wearable, and if a small price tag is the only good thing about them.

Foundation - PS Light Liquid Foundation £2.50

I was actually very surprised by how much I liked this foundation, it was very smooth to apply, it set really nicely, and the coverage was light but very build-able. However, there is only five shades available in this foundation and typically the light shades are very pink toned, and the dark shades are very yellow toned. So it will be very hard for most people to be able to get a good colour match. But other than that I would buy this foundation again, I think the quality is on par with most drugstore brands and it is a lot cheaper.

Concealer - Creme Stick Concealer Light 90p

I am not a big fan of this concealer at all. I kind of expected this with it being a stick concealer but it was very thick. It completely creased under my eyes and on my eyelids and it just kind of sat heavy under my eyes. I would not recommend this product at all.

Contour Kit - £4.00

I LOVE this product, it comes with a contour shade, a bronzer shade, and a highlighter shade. And the pigment in this kit is B-E-A-UTIFUL. My only critique for this product is that they only have one shade, so if you were more than three shades darker than myself you would struggle with this kit. But I definitley think this product will be making its way into my everyday makeup bag.

Eyebrow Pencil - Medium £1.00

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this eyebrow pencil. First of all, I did pick up the wrong colour! I definitley should of got the light pencil, but trying to get past that factor I am so on the fence about this product. In itself the pencil is quite thick and creamy, so it wasn't the easiest to get thin natural strokes. However, looking at the overall finished look they did look very natural. So I think perhaps if I did have the right shade I would really like this product.

Eyeshadow Palette - £2.50

I am very impressed with this palette, all the colours are very pigmented and blend out really easily. The one thing that I would change however, is the fact that every colour is shimmery and I love a good matte shade. So creating a look only using this palette was not the easiest, but mixed with other products it would be brilliant.

Lipstick - 90p

There were not many shades available for me to pick up, but I do know they have a lot of shades in the full collection! So ignoring the colour, the formula of this lipstick is AMAZING. It goes on so smooth and creamy but still has a matte appearance, and the colours come out very strong on the lip. I will 100% be looking for more shades when I next pop into primark - side note: I am not wearing the lipstick in the pictures but if you click on the video at the bottom you can see it in full action.

Final Look:

All in all I am very impressed with primarks makeup, I would say it is no better or worse than most drugstore brands and it is a lot cheaper! Make sure to check out the video below to see the application of the makeup and how I created this look. See you soon!