Summer Favourites | Shops

I am a complete creature of habit. If a store particularly impresses me once, then I will likely only ever use that shop until a new one comes around and impresses me more. So when it comes to summer fashion and holiday buying I definitely have my favourites. And I know, I know. Its still april and I shouldn't even be THINKING about summer yet. But I am one of those people that books their summer holidays in spring and then august comes and it feels like your holiday was already a year ago - I will never learn. But it also means that time is very quickly ticking away for me to get my summer wardrobe prepped and ready to go. SO with all my ramblings out of the way, here are my favourites stores to fill up my suitcase with.


Back to that whole creature of habit thing, missguided is the ONE for me. It never fails to impress, and they just do summer so bloody well. I can promise you that a good 90% of what I wear this summer will be from here. Also, major saving alert! I don't think I have ever seen missguided not have a sale, deal, discount, whatever else there is, of some sort on. You can literally buy amazing quality dresses for £6. And Pamela Anderson as the newest face, yes please. 


Lets be honest. Asos just has everything. And it is a dangerous sight for the that one reason, I don't think I have ever gone on asos and not ended up buying something. What else can I say? If you need something they will have it, which makes summer buying so easy.

Forever 21

Forever 21 gets festival fashion so right and that is what I am all about in summer. if you are looking for anything festival, boho, gypsy, or just super light and casual. Then this is the place for you. And once again, its so cheap! I am all about them holiday savings.


You can never forget about good ol' primark. Need 5 different coloured vest tops for £10? Go to primark. Need endless amounts of everything you don't actually need but its all super cheap so you want to buy it anyway? Go to primark. Have I made my case?

What are your favourite shops to fill up your suitcase? tweet me, comment, do whatever you want, but let me know! And I will see you all very soon with a new blog post!