The Perfect Flatlay | How To

Flatlays are an essential for most bloggers out there. They are the basics for eye catching thumbnails, displays, and perfect for when you are a bit stuck on what one things to show in a picture, that is the beauty of a flatlay. Sounds easy right? Wrong.

So, here are my steps for creating the perfect flatlay.


They are all lies. I am sure someone out there has glamorous marble floors and white wood decking, but most people don't. So, the solution to this? Fake it. The easiest way to do this is by making a trip to your local DIY store - or anywhere that sells wallpaper - and simply find a few that you like! Depending on what you plan on using it for you can either by a roll so that every time it gets messy you can just pull off a new bit. Or you can just grab a sample and re-use it over and over.


I touched on this in my blogger essentials post. But I can't stress how much editing can help improve a picture. It can take an image from a good picture to an amazing picture. My favourite editor to use is picmonkey.


Now, this is not as important as the others. However, do you ever have that moment when you look at something and it just doesn't seem right for whatever reason? Just try and avoid that and you should be fine. If it looks right to you then its probably okay.


Lighting is everything for flatlays. You are going to be a lot less inclined to click on an image if its dull, dark, and bad quality, but opposite to that you are also not going to click on an overexposed picture either. And one solution to this is to buy lights, which word work but is not cheap! So what is the simpler way to solve this problem? day light. Find the room in your house with the most light - this could change from morning to afternoon - set up by the window and then you have a beautifully lit flatlay.