Watch This Space | Abigail Kate

Hello there everyone, long time no see - like seriously its been 4 months I am so sorry. Things have been very busy over here in the world of Abigail Kate in terms of holidays, work, injuries (yes I have managed to injure myself again), and anything else in the world that you can think of. Which very sadly meant that the world of Pretty Girls All In A Row had to lay dormant for a while.

So to all of you who are still with me, thank you very very much, and to those of you who are new - yes I can see you - thank you also. But most of all, thank you because of how patient and kind I know you will all be when I say: I need a few more weeks.

SORRY! I truly am, but the site is in need of a little re-vamp. So I will be back for real this time on the 25/08/2017 and until this space.